Bearville Online Rules & Guidelines

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Bearville Online Rules & Guidelines

Post  Admin on Tue Sep 28, 2010 8:46 am

Introduction (Parents & Guardians may read too):
Welcome to Bearville Online, a pawfect place for all Build-a-Bearville™ Fans!
Here at BearvilleOnline We insure you have a safe and fun time.
This site is for 8 and up, as forums are very complex things to handle and understand for some people.

Board rules:
We have separate areas for each part of Build-a-Bearville™ (e.g. Latest News, Updates), as well as poll's which members can discuss outside issues from Build-a-Bearville™.
The topics that are to be NOT discussed are:

Talk of Weapons
Outside links unless associated with Build a bear workshop (No forums)

If you catch any other subject that above that you think is inappropriate then please do not hesitate to tell an Administrator.
We would like our members to have an enjoyable time on Bearville Online, as well as make new or find old friends!
Please do not spam. Spamming is when you post over and over again, one post after another. Also, do not post topics/posts such as 'fkjdyjhksahmji'. You will be warned if we catch you doing that.
We do not permit Youtube videos posted on the forum. They clog up the forum and are annoying. They are also offsite.
We are open to your suggestions! Dont hesitate to give us your ideas and comments!

Warnings and Reminders

Warnings and Reminders are crucial here at Bearville Online. This is why we have a large Moderation Team to spot out bad/unsuitable behaviour. Moderators have the right to ban freely, but only to the members who really need banning, because their behaviour is appauling. Any behaviour like the contents above will result in some of these consequences:
2 Reminders = 1 warning
3 Warnings = 2 or 3 week ban from the forum (depending on how bad it is)
Or an immediate ban from the forum if needed.

Personal Information

In any way, you are certainly NOT allowed to post any personal information; cities, phone numbers, addresses, full names, friends/family information, pictures of you, pictures of your family/friends, pictures of anyone you may know (Celebrities are allowed for certain reasons), pictures of any body parts, account details such as passwords to other sites and email addresses.

Outside links

Please do not advertise outside external websites on without the Administrators permission to do so, otherwise that will end up in serious consequences. Hotmail, AOL, Yahoo, Facebook - any social networking site is also not allowed. Twitter is allowed because Bearville Place has their own twitter, but you must be wary if you have twitter pictures of yourself on your account.

Avatars and Signatures

Avatars and Signatures must prefferably be between 200x300 *Avatars* and 500x250 *Signatures*. Any other size than that will result in your avatar/signature being removed.

Extra/Side/Impersonation Accounts

Bearville Online does NOT allow members to make extra accounts here, especially if they fake to be someone else. I, the Administrator have another backup side account, if I am not able to get onto my current existing account. This is named 'Test' and if you have any questions about it contact me immidiately. If we catch you making another account you will be suspended from Bearville Place for a period of time. This goes for Celebrity impersionation accounts such as Cybearguides, SheaMegal, CholeRocks, MaxineCEB, ItzelSinger, MiguelSunshine - but if we catch you on a fake celebrity account the consequences will be very serious.

Disclamimer is not an official site of, sponsored by, or affiliated with Build-A-Bear Workshop® and™. Character names, logos, and images are trademarks owned by Build A Bear, Inc.

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Re: Bearville Online Rules & Guidelines

Post  Ada2hip1399 on Tue Sep 28, 2010 11:53 pm

I agree Wink

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